Schnürstiefeltte glatt

Ankle-high lace-up shoe, fully smooth, made of a single piece of black calf leather - a SCHEER Classic

Kroko schwarz

Laced up ankle boot, derby style, our of black soft shiny aligator mississippiensis, with silver chevraux piping


Laced up ankle boot, with straight cap toe, out of light brown shell cordovan and japanese shironameshi leather


Laced up boot with hand stiched inset of dark brown calf leather, lightweight construction with cushioned rubber sole


Dark brown hiking ankle-boot, made of oil-tanned Russia leather, Goiserer-style stiching and a profiled sole


Laced up boots with laterally attached double buckle, out of black soft calf leather and blue tweed, "Goiserer" sewn with medium heavy profile sole


Chukka boots, derby, out of medium grey elephant leather, mount out of light grey calf leather, light profile rubber sole