Low shoe ,whole cut, made of one single piece of natural structured cognac-coloured calf leather, sole and heel of natural-coloured plantation crepe - the cityrunner


Trainers - inspired by historic soccer styles, laced up, out of grey and anthracite calf leather


Trainers - laced up in calssic style with integrated heel out of beige nubuck leather used with upper and lower side

Boxer Orange

Laced boots in derby style out of red blue and white chevraux leather, sole construction with a special roll over technique out of extremely soft and light material - The healthy boxer boots


Slippers - plain Slipper with attached tassels and handsewed initials out of anthracite chevraux leather, sole construction extremely soft and cushioned

grĂ¼n schlitz

Light summer slip-on shoe made of green linen with orange kid leather piping

Zebra Hausschuh

Slip-on shoe made out of a combination of dark-brown satin-finish chamois leather and calf leather, done in a zebra look with a lizard skin clasp and a diamond inset