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SCHEER in the media - a short selection

Falstaff - Men’s world - 2014/2015

The Scheer Economy ( Bearleader Chronicles)
"It all seems magical, but, really, it comes from years of practice and the dedication to learn from generations of experience."
Daniela Stallinger - 10. Dezember 2014

The Cult Shop ( How to spend it / Financial Times)
One-time shoemakers to the Habsburg rulers continue a family tradition of haute design and exacting customisation
MING LIU - JULY 17 2014

Wie ich Wichser wurde ( Stern - Lifestyle)
Für Maßschuhe muss man richtig was in die Hand nehmen. So viel Geld an den Füßen verändert das Leben. Ein Selbsterfahrungsbericht. Von Ansbert von Tharnung

The Shoe Must Go On ( Wallstreet Journal)
After nearly two hundred years in business, the oldest bespoke shoemaker in Europe is modernizing and expanding its product line—and still making footwear of exceptional quality
Kimberly Bradley - March 14, 2013

Die Presse - Schaufenster 2012

Krone Magazin 1984



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