Dedicated to materials and craftsmanship

Since 200 years leather slips through our hands on a daily basis in our workshop. Continously we are on the hunt to find and reach the finest, the most beautiful seams, the best connections, the ideal shapes. We're searching - as former exclusive imperal court purveyor - for the deeper meaning of made to measure products, of products and things that are built so perfectly and so close for and to the person, that you never want to be without it, because with them you are more of yourself than you thought you'd be.

Because we felt like it

This passion made us dedicate our time and ourselves to an object that - like french sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann said - contains all the feelings of the world: The lady’s bag. We researched and worked together with the best remaining artisans of this craft who helped us create a product so unique and perfect that we can stand behind it with our name as we stand behind our shoes since 200 years. With the same claim. With the same passion.

A Universe of Emotions

That’s the story how our SCHEER bag arose. A very personal and intimate item. A companion that carries and protects what we need and what belongs to us. A place to protect our little sectrets and allows us to be prepared for any circumstances. The SCHEER bag is the item that carries our individual story, that lives them with us side by side. Its our personal: universe of emotions.

Timeless, beautiful and masterful

We’ve been inspired by classic forms, timelsse shapes and re-interpreted those ideas into our world. We used high quality natural leather thats solid-coloured - the amazing feel and look of these leathers give the 12 SCHEER bag models their exklusive apperance. The attractive inside and elegant forms quickly show the level high of sophistication and useability within the design. For the lining we only used pure cotton or fine goat suede leather. Even with the construction of the edges the remarkable craftsmanship shows the high quality and sustainability of the bags. Instead of using the common procedure to cut and glue the edges, we used techniques that are nearly vanished today because they require a high livel of craftsmanship and a lot of time and dedication to learn. We only used quality polished zippers that appeal smooth to the hands und run with maximum durability. On the top of these designs we then used highly polished gold-plated mountings for the bags, made from the best italian masters wich rounds up the creation perfectly and perfects a unique masterpiece.

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