Skilled handcraft is the passion that SCHEER has preserved and developed for over 200 years as a manufacturer of bespoke shoes and leather accessories. Located in a beautiful 19th century building, the company also has a long tradition of SCHEERing spaces and hosting inspiring initiatives. Besides opening its doors for special dining events and guided tours SCHEER likes to explore the links between the arts and artisans.

In former times hosting inspiring saloons on the enhancement of artistic manufacturing and other, SCHEER still loves to exchange with kindred spirits. If you are an artisan, artist or creative thinker, mindful of sustainability and keen to find modern paths that have not been thought and gone before, get in contact with us. We're always open to visionary discourse and collaborative projects. (Copyright photos: Gerhard Weiner on the occasion of the performance event folding*un*folding, lamp: Dakshayini Gowda & Usa von Stietencron, sketches: Mario d'Souza)


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