It feels like time is standing still at SCHEER. That is how palpable the house’s history is. Since 1816, and with unparalleled passion, the first generations have gathered a unique wealth of knowledge. Their achievements were acknowledged by the bestowal of a great number of Imperial and Royal Warrants from all over Europe.

Worshipped by aristocracy, artists, and businessmen and –women, the SCHEER craftsmen have always remained loyal to their principles: health first, individual form and personal look. Made from all natural materials in pure and uncorrupted work by hand.

Today, Markus Scheer, orthopaedic and bespoke shoemaker, is representing and preserving the family legacy as the seventh generation. But he is not only preserver of this jewel, but also creator of the SCHEER World, merging shoes, accessories, repair services, guided tours, and SCHEER events.

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